Report: Pundit warns Newcastle United of turbulent journey ahead of them

Newcastle United have been warned that it will take a “long time” to transform the club into a fast-flowing and attacking side.

Those are the words of former Tottenham midfielder Michael Brown, as the club are currently going through what could be a historic moment in our long and illustrious history with the club’s takeover talks.

However, the Daily Mail revealed that this will be delayed as Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) are facing fresh questions by the Premier League because of their human rights record, their links to pirate television and their connections to Sheffield United owner Prince Abdullah.

The consortium concerned is made up of three different groups. The majority shareholders will be PIF who will take 80% of the football club, while the remaining 20% will be split between Amanda Staveley and the Reuben brothers.

Funds generated from the takeover will hopefully be put into the playing squad, recruitment and infrastructure to completely transform the way we operate on and off the pitch, with reports suggesting that £200m will be invested to focus on just that.

Speaking to Football Insider, Brown believes a lot of work needs to be done before Newcastle can become competitive.

Under new ownership, will we win the Premier League in the next 10 years?





“The stadium and fan base are there,” he said. “But on the field, you have seen with Rafa Benitez and Steve Bruce, they have had to play a system where they are hard to beat. It is not always entertaining for the supporters but it keeps them in the league.

“There is going to have to be ridiculous backing to change that quickly. It takes a long time to make that progression from a defensive system to a flowing, open one.”

Brown added that examples of how not to do it are evident with what Aston Villa and West Ham have done over the years and find themselves consistently fighting against relegation.

He is absolutely spot on. It is important, as fans, that we acknowledge and recognise perspective rather than going into this deal all misty-eyed.

Manchester City are at one end of the spectrum in terms of how things should be done, and Brown wisely listed those clubs above who have invested poorly.

We all need to be patient and have to understand that glory and trophies will not happen overnight. We must get behind everyone at the club and try to understand the long-term goals rather than the short-term ones.

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