“Shut up” – Many Newcastle fans raging at BT pundit

“I would be embarrassed to be as unlikeable as Chris Sutton” – A lot of Newcastle United fans are fuming at Chris Sutton’s claims that we should be “embarrassed” about the way we treated Steve Bruce.

Sutton, speaking on BBC Radio 5Live, claimed that “Bruce needed time to implement his own style of play” and that because Bruce is from the area, we should give him more respect.

First of all, he has not implemented his own style of play; he has gone back to the 3-4-3 that worked so well under Rafa last season, and that is fine.

It suits the players we have, and they are comfortable playing that system.

He tried to change to a 4-4-2 in the Leicester game and look how that went.

The system is working, but it is not Bruce’s.

Also, just because he is from the area does not mean we should have been happy with his appointment.

The reason people were angry is because of Bruce’s awful Premier League record – nothing else.

The final point from Sutton’s comments that is frustrating is the belief that we expect too much.

This season, for many Toon fans, was about survival, but we do not want that to be the case every season, and under Bruce, it is hard to see how we will achieve anything more than just that.

Are you in support of Bruce?





I think, as a fanbase, we have the right to expect more than just Premier League survival.

Sutton’s comments have not gone down well with many Newcastle fans.

See the best of the reaction below.

These Toon fans are adamant they have not abused Bruce.

Other Newcastle supporters have had enough of Chris Sutton.

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