Players Flock To Social Media With Similar Message

Well, it’s always a lot better after a win. Especially one where the lads played so well. We almost couldn’t believe our eyes in the first half as Newcastle put on some show.

While it wasn’t the rout it could have been, Newcastle were on the front foot for most of the game. They were able to get 9 shots on target which equaled the total of the 5 previous matches combined. It was some turnaround in the attack.

The players deserve their credit after claiming our third win of the season. The win pulls Newcastle 4 points from the relegation zone and 4 points behind next weekend’s opponents Bournemouth in seventh place.

It shows you the importance of wins in this league. None in the bottom three have a win in their last 5 matches with last place Watford still waiting for their first of the year.

It’s getting the three points when you can that is vital to staying out of trouble. That was the message coming from the players after the game.

Some took to social media expressing the importance of the 3 points.

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