“Why would he lie?” – Many Newcastle fans believe quotes made by former Dutch international

A lot of Newcastle United fans are convinced that Jaap Stam is telling the truth about the job offer from Newcastle in the summer.

The former Manchester United defender claimed that he was asked to take the Toon job last summer before the club appointed Steve Bruce.

Newcastle responded and said that the claims were a fabrication, and some Toon fans have made a very interesting point – what would Stam get out of this by lying?

He has a job with Feyenoord, and if this was a lie, it could harm his reputation in England.

Newcastle have also lied consistently to their fans for the entire Mike Ashley regime and were found in a tribunal to have intentionally misled the supporters on more than one occasion.

I previously said I hoped this was not true and that Newcastle were not stupid enough to appoint Stam – who has failed everywhere bar one season at Reading.

However, it appears they actually were stupid enough to try and make Stam the new manager.

Either way, these Newcastle fans didn’t think Stam lied about the offer.

See the best of the reaction below.

Many Newcastle fans believe Stam over their own club.

Other Toon supporters are not interested in the story.

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