News: Exclusive from respected journalist claims another Newcastle takeover bid has failed

David Ornstein, a very well-respected journalist, has claimed that Newcastle United’s owner Mike Ashley met two Mexican businessmen last week to discuss the potential sale of the club.

The two prospective owners supposedly have had an obsession with Newcastle because of the film Goal.

However, as has happened for the past few years, the talks ended negatively, and Ashley remains in charge of the Toon.

The report from Ornstein suggests that Ashley came across as rude in the talks.

The whole story for me just doesn’t feel right.

Surely if the two were going to meet, wouldn’t they have held due diligence checks or looked over the finances of the club and perhaps established a link through intermediaries that would indicate the two parties were on similar ground.

The mention of Ashley being rude is not a surprise, but should that stop any potential takeover?

It might mean negotiations are tricky, but surely if these two were serious about buying Newcastle, they would not have cared about Ashley’s behaviour and attempted to conduct professional talks.

I just don’t believe that these talks ended after one day because Ashley was rude; it all doesn’t seem right.

The issue is there have been so many failed takeover attempts in recent years that it is hard to tell what is true and what is fake.

Ornstein is reliable, but the story, has obvious flaws, and I don’t think Newcastle was ever close to being sold to these Mexicans.

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