Report – This Group In London Around The Time Of Ashley Meeting

The Athletic’s David Ornstein has revealed that Mike Ashley met with a pair of unnamed Mexican businessmen last week about a possible takeover of Newcastle United.

The article reports that the meeting ended rather contentiously and abruptly with the two businessmen not able to come near meeting Ashley’s demands.

It also says that they pair were inspired by the movie Goal; which tells the story of Mexican youth Santiago Munoz, who earns a trial and then a place in Newcastle’s first-team.

In May, there were reports that Mexican-based Orlegi Sports were interested in purchasing Newcastle United. However, that all died down once the Sun broke their BZG story a few weeks later.

Just this month the president of Orlegi Sports, Alejandro Irarragorri, made the following comments to ESPN:

“We were completely looking towards Europe. Last year, we were very close to achieving a purchase in the Premier League.

“Our group was not of sufficient size to proceed with that purchase. We ended the contract with Azteca, and at that time, I went to eat with Ricardo Salinas to thank him. In that, he offers me to sell myself to the Atlas and then we understood this as a great opportunity.”

The Chronicle have just reported that Alejandro Irarragorri was in London earlier this month to attend a Leaders Week conference.

It’s interesting that Irarrogorri was in London around the time of the reported meeting with Ashley. However, the Chronicle are making it known that they have not verified that the two businessmen were from Orlegi Sports.

The Chronicle also notes that attempts to get further information from Newcastle about the meeting were met with no comment.

We are not sure there is much to this story. Orlegi Sports, by their own admission, don’t seem to have the resources to takeover Newcastle. It may be a case where Mike Ashley met with the group but became frustrated when they pressed him to lower his asking price.

We just don’t know. It may have even been two other Mexican businessmen unrelated to Orlegi Sports.

We are still holding out hope that Peter Kenyon and GACP Sports can secure the funds to takeover Newcastle. However, we will not get our hopes up.

Right now, we’ll just try to focus on the positives at the club. While there are not many, it’s all we have at the moment.

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