“Not really news” – Many Newcastle fans unconvinced by reports on a potential takeover – again

David Ornstein, writing for the Athletic, has claimed that Mike Ashley met with two Mexican businessmen last week in London to discuss the potential sale of Newcastle United to them.

However, the report says that the talks broke down and emphasised the fact that Mike Ashley was rude.

Some Toon fans believe that this should not have any impact on this Mexican consortium wanting to buy Newcastle.

After all, they are not buying Mike Ashley.

Should it really matter if he was rude or arrogant?

If you want to buy the club, would you not just get past personal differences and settle on a professional deal?

Ornstein is very reliable, particularly on Arsenal, but this just seems a strange story that other Toon supporters and I don’t believe.

See the best of the reaction below.

A few Newcastle fans don’t believe this report.

Other Toon fans do believe the report and are not shocked that it was supposedly Ashley’s fault that talks ended.

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