Former Magpie Describes Moment That Defined His Premier League Career

Former Newcastle striker Papiss Cisse has been doing some interviews with the British press recently. One of the outlets which he spoke extensively to was the Athletic.

During that interview, Cisse touched on the wonder strike he had at Stamford Bridge in our fantastic 2011-12 season. That goal was Cisse’s 13th in his first 12 games for Newcastle.

It was also our last win of the campaign as Newcastle would lose the final two fixtures against Champions Manchester City then away to Everton.

This is how Cisse remembers that magical moment:

“But this one was ridiculous. Just instinct really. The ball was there, I was free, time was almost up… if it goes wide, at least we’ve wasted a few seconds. You can see I know where the goalkeeper is, so it’s about somehow making sure the shot is on target. I just swing across it.

“I never knew it would fly like that, though. You hope, but this kind of goal can happen only one time in your career. You need luck on your side, and the belief that you can score just to try from there.

“Strikers have to have that confidence. They have to improvise in a second. I’m not saying I’m one of the best, but all the big strikers – Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba – know you have to improvise. I’m happy to have this (ability).

“I’ve scored over 160 goals in my career, for teams in five countries, and this is the only one people ever talk about. This is my identity, this goal.

“They never talk about the first that night, which I loved: Davide Santon gave me the ball just inside the box and I had a split second to control and finish with my second touch, right into the top corner.

“They never mention that, probably because, after that second one, the first looked like a more ‘normal’ goal.”

That first goal at Chelsea was a well-taken one as well. Santon did brilliantly to find Cisse in the box. Cisse flipped the ball up with his right-foot and rifled a volley into the back of the net with his left foot.

We are also partial to his second strike against Swansea in April where he chipped Michel Vorm while fading away.

Though the final goal of his inaugural season was something to behold. It was chosen as the 2011-12 Premier League goal of the season.

Though this goal for Senegal which he scored a few months later belongs up there with the Chelsea goal.

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