Managing Director Speaks – Confirms Complete Lack Of Ambition

Lee Charnley seems a shy man and doesn’t like to speak in public – he doesn’t do it very often, and when he does, he seems guarded. in what he says.

Charnley has been quoted in the Chronicle today.

He talks about how good it is that the local Longstaff brothers have come through from the Academy.

We agree with that, and the story in football last week was how the two brothers combined in the Newcastle engine room and helped Newcastle to a famous 1-0 win against the rich but struggling Manchester United.

But when you look at some of what Lee says, he again shows the complete lack of vision and ambition he has along with owner Mike Ashley.

We know they don’t want to spend any more money than they have to – but it’s almost sinful the way they have kept Newcastle from expanding over the last 12 years.

Lee Charnley – does he know what ambition and vision are?
Probably not

This is some of what Lee Charnley has said, as reported in the Chronicle:

“We want to be the best academy in the region.”

“Between nine and 16, it will be an academy with boys predominantly from the local area. There will be exceptions, but, generally, it will be local.”

“People say it might be because of this reason (not wanting to spend money) or that, but it’s not.”

“It’s a conscious decision to get local boys, because we want local boys to see what’s happened with Paul (Dummett), Sean and Matty, and say that’s who they want to be.”

“They’ll know, if they’re good enough and work hard enough, they’ll get an opportunity at their hometown club.”

“That’s what we want.”

We want to be the best Academy in the region.

We assume that’s the northeast, so essentially Lee wants Newcastle to have a better Academy than Sunderland and Middlesbrough.

Big deal!

I hate to be too positive, but how about having a goal to be one of the best Academies in England?

For a club as famous as Newcastle, we need people leading us who can think big – yes – and money can help.

But with an ambitious Managing Director (CEO) in place supported by a new owner and an excellent, ambitious manager – we could still challenge for the top eight in the Premier League.

We already have the best supporters in the world, and we are hoping we can soon have new owners in place.

With ambition and vision, we can do a lot – even if we don’t have the funds (yet) of some of the top six clubs.

We need ambition, and we’ll never get that with Mike Ashley still the owner.

Amen to that.

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