Star Tells Swiss Media How His Standing At Newcastle Has Changed

Newcastle defender Fabian Schar is with the Swiss National team getting ready to face Denmark on Tuesday in their EURO Qualifier. The match will be Fabian’s 52nd cap for Switzerland.

In an interview with Neue Zurcher Zeitung, Schar was asked some questions about his time at Newcastle as well as his vital role in the Swiss National team.

When the interviewer delved into his time at Newcastle, Fabian was asked if it was true that he had progressed into one of the best players at the club. This is how Fabian responded:

“I do not like to talk about my position, but of course, I feel that it was a good year for me.

The fact that I have consistently brought my performance over a season is recognized in the club and by the fans.

I have a lot of support from them, that’s nice. And I notice that my standing in the team has changed.”

Interestingly, Fabian mentioned his standing in the team has changed over the past season. He has put in such commanding performances; it’s only natural that he now carries a lot of weight in the dressing room.

The interview then touched on Schar’s leadership style as he was asked whether his standing as a new leader at Newcastle is comparable with Switzerland:

“Yes. It has been a development over time, I have noticed in the last one or two years that I have taken another step.

“I am now one of the experienced players. My role is different than three, four years ago.

“I’m not the guy who has to shout in the dressing room. For me, it is important to go ahead with performance and to be a role model on the field.

“I am a different person in the field, much less reserved, so I am already trying to lead the team from my position in the defense.”

Fabian lets his play do his talking for him. He has become not only one of Newcastle’s best players but one who leads by example. A role model on the pitch is a perfect description.

With his contract only having two years left to run, we hope that the club get him on a new deal as soon as possible. At just 27-years-old, he is in his prime and is so essential to this team.

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