New Exclusive Takeover Developments Will Give Fans Some Hope

There was an exclusive article in the Shields Gazette yesterday that GACP Sports have done what the BZG group did over the summer.

In preparation for a potential takeover, they have formed two new companies that will facilitate their possible acquisition of Newcastle United.

The names of the two companies are “GACP Newcastle Management LLP” and “GACP Newcastle Partners LLP.”

The companies are registered in Delaware, and both are owned exclusively by GACP Sports Partners LLC.

Note that the Bin Zayed Group did a similar thing in the summer when they registered “Monochrome Acquisitions Ltd” with Companies House in June.

Joseph DaGrosa – owns GACP – General American Capital Partners

What does this move by GACP Sports show?

It shows that GACP Sports, which is the (sporting) investment arm of billionaire Joseph DaGrosa, are indeed serious about their takeover attempt at Newcastle.

They are going through what is needed to accomplish buying Newcastle United.

But as in the past, it very much looks like GACP Sports do not have the £350M said to be the price that Mike Ashley wants for the club.

So we are not hopeful that they will be able to buy the club.

However, a side effect of this could be to alert other potential buyers of Newcastle so that if they are interested, they could come forward with offers to Mike Ashley.

We may not hear anything about these bidders in the next few months.

And that would be good because a sale is only going to happen when somebody determined to buy Newcastle comes in and pays the money to the Newcastle owner.

The negotiations should be way under the radar screen – to be successful.

Yes – we have been through this many times before, and no bids have yet been successful.

But this move by GACP Sports with Peter Kenyon again involved in the bid, could be vital in bringing other potential buyers to the table.

We hope that’s the case – and it does give us some hope we can rid the club of Mike Ashley.

A good time to buy Newcastle would be before the end of the year.

That’s before we get too deep into relegation trouble, which would put potential suitors off buying the club.

It would also allow investment in the transfer window to take place in January to improve the squad.

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