News: Norwich City fan is correct with his view of Newcastle United

As Newcastle were getting demolished on the pitch on Sunday, the loyal Geordie faithful continued to belt out one of their favourite chants.

The “Who’s that team we call United?” has become a song that a lot of Newcastle fans love and against Leicester City the Toon Army kept the chant going for at least 20 minutes – you would think that Newcastle were the side who were 4-0 up not the home team.

All that could be heard on both the radio and the television was the Toon fans who had made the journey down to the King Power Stadium.

This unwavering support led to a lot of praise on Twitter from people all over the country, but it was BT host, and massive Norwich City fan, Jake Humphrey who hit the nail on the head with his tweet.

Humphrey believes that the fantastic fanbase of Newcastle deserves so much more than what they are currently getting.

This was a nice change and it shows a man who understands Newcastle.

This is different from other members of the media who seem intent on blaming all of the club’s problems on the supporters or anything other than Mike Ashley.

Certainly, those Toon fans who stood in the driving rain to watch a shameful performance deserve more from Newcastle, and it is good to see that Mr. Humphrey agrees.

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