Newcastle Fans Cannot Let Their Frustrations Lead To Them Confronting Players

The Chronicle have put out a report describing scenes after the Leicester City match in which some of the traveling fans confronted captain Jamaal Lascelles after the game. The fans were gathered outside the tunnel and Jamaal was the only player to go over to see them.

He signed autographs and repeatedly apologized for the team’s terrible performance. However, the following video shows that some fans were not satisfied and asked the captain for cab fare home. When Lascelles didn’t produce any cash for them, the fans brought up the fact that he made £40k/week.

By all means tell Jamaal that you were upset with the team’s performance but trying to shame a player for not giving you money is going way too far. Lascelles was the only player to go over to the crowd and profusely apologized to them. He posed for pictures and signed autographs.

On Monday, Allan Saint-Maximin posted the following video of a goal he scored during that day’s training session. He put #FeelingGood with the video.

A Newcastle fan took umbrage with this phrase and responded to the video on Twitter. Allan responded to that fan’s tweet.

Allan didn’t even feature against Leicester City and was one of the few positives in the Brighton games. We understand the frustrations with the way things are heading for the club at the moment. However, it mustn’t boil over into incidents like these.

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