Defender Reveals What Happened On Sunday That Didn’t In The Past Few Seasons

Defender Paul Dummett has given an interview on NUFC TV in which he talks about the performance at Leicester City. He also looks forward to Sunday’s match against Manchester United.

When Paul was talking about working hard on the training ground to put things right for this weekend, the interviewer asked Paul what he thought the team needed to do differently against Manchester United from the Leicester City game. This is the answer that Paul gave:

“Well the start of the game we hadn’t done too badly until we got the man sent off. The second half we sort of collapsed.

“That’s one thing that as a team with the players we have we’ve never really done that in the past few seasons.

“We’ve never collapsed and given away the goals we gave away. That’s one thing the manager wanted to address.

“I think as a team, we knew it wasn’t acceptable. That’s one thing that can’t happen again.

“This team has been successful in working hard as a team and sticking together to get results. We’ve been through tough times in the past, and there’ll be tough times in the future again.

“We need to make sure that we stick together and work hard as a team to make sure we put it right.

“I see the manager has changed, but we all still know what we have to do on the pitch. We train every day with the manager and different ideas. We all know exactly what our jobs are on the pitch.

“The performance at Leicester, it wasn’t that we didn’t know our jobs. It’s that we didn’t put the performance in. We collapsed like the manager said. We surrendered. It’s not acceptable from anyone on the pitch. We’ll be making sure we do our best to put that right on Sunday.”

This season we have witnessed three performances that have been entirely foreign to the teams from the past two seasons. Against Norwich, the defense was an unorganized mess as they were torn apart by Teemu Pukki. They could find no answers for the newly-promoted side and failed to mount any rally to get back into the game.

Then the performance at Brighton saw a Newcastle side thoroughly dominated at home. The tactics worked on all week by Bruce and the lads were a complete dud. They were bereft of any sense of how to prevent Brighton’s total control of the game. But for Brighton’s lack of finishing the game could have ended much worse than a scoreless draw.

This past weekend was the worst of the bunch as the lads folded after Isaac Hayden’s sending off. We could not fathom the team ever daring to drop their heads that effortlessly the past two seasons.

These types of performances just did not occur over the past few years. The team always kept their wits and fought like mad for each other. While they didn’t always play well, they never collapsed.

It is a cause for concern that in almost half of the matches, we have witnessed unacceptable performances. That is all a reflection on the head coach.

Bruce just does not inspire performances out of the squad consistently. He did a fantastic job the week after the Norwich match but has failed to produce anything similar since.

That has to be rectified and quickly. This cannot be allowed to progress into another irreversible descent to the Championship. Bruce has to coax a reaction out the lads on Sunday at St James Park.

After the international break is away to Chelsea and then at home to a resurgent Wolves side. This downward spiral needs to be halted soon before it reaches the familiar levels of 2009 and 2015.

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