‘We Gave Up Basically’ ‘Hang Our Heads In Shame’ – Striker’s Brutal Response To Leicester City Display

Andy Carroll was interviewed by talkSPORT’s Geoff Peters after Sunday’s dismal 5-0 loss to Leicester City.

The striker did not hold back as he gave an honest assessment of what was simply a capitulation at the King Power Stadium. This is what Andy said when he was asked what he made of the game:

“It was terrible. The second half was abysmal. In the first half, we did alright. Second half we didn’t come out at all. As soon as the second goal went in, our heads went down. We gave up basically.”

Peters was taken back by Andy’s brutal judgment of the performance and asked him if he was being a bit harsh. Carroll did not relent in his criticism of the display:

“You’ve seen all the heads went down. With three and four sloppy goals. All mistakes. It’s just not good enough for us.”

Andy was then asked about Steve Bruce’s words to the team after the game. From Carroll’s remarks, it appears that Steve Bruce did give the lads a tongue lashing after the game:

“Very strong words. He was disappointed. So he should be. So should we be. We should hang our heads in shame the whole lot of us. We were terrible. We’re not like that in training all week, so we shouldn’t be like that on the weekend.”

The topic turned to the red card and its impact on the game. Andy felt it ultimately was something the team couldn’t overcome:

“It killed us. Just at the end of the first half. Coming out in the second half, it was hard. With ten men, we really never got going at all.”

The 30-year-old gave the following response when asked how they can turn their season around:

“We’ve got a good team. We’ve got strength. We’ve got depth in the team as well. We’ve got a good manager. We know what we need to do. We just need to show it.

“First half we could have been one up. We could have been two up. They got the first goal. It changed when we had the sending off.”

Finally, the subject turned to the unrivaled support that cheered the team from beginning to end. Andy praised the supporters who didn’t deserve such an embarrassing performance tonight:

“The fans were unbelievable tonight. They never stopped singing. To be honest, they had nothing really to sing for. It’s just good to see that. Even after the whistle at the end, they were still singing for us.”

Newcastle fans deserve so much more than the rubbish they are being served up right now. Alarm bells will be ringing after two straight unacceptable displays. The excuse that it is still early days will soon ring hollow if it is not doing so already.

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