Former Manager Slams ‘Bullied’ Newcastle Players Who ‘Threw In The Towel’

Former Newcastle manager Graeme Souness had a blistering reaction to Newcastle’s performance at Leicester City. Serving as a pundit for Sky Sports, Souness questioned whether the players were up for the task of playing at Newcastle United.

The Daily Mail have published some of his scathing comments about Sunday’s performance:

“The players did throw the towel in. They were getting bullied. They lost their way in the game. The player gets sent off. When you have players that aren’t up for the task they think ‘Well It’s not our day’. Well you have to make it your day.

“They have to motivate themselves. Words come easily. Words are cheap. When you cross the white line you have to grow some. When you concede goals like that, that’s a recipe for one thing – you are going down.

“They have enormous crowds. That passion works against the players because they know they are under pressure. They have to grow up, look in the mirror and find that manhood somewhere.”

We feel that Souness may be channeling some past frustrations with his extreme criticism here. While we can’t disagree with his sentiments, we may have opted for more subtle ways of getting them across. However, Souness was a top player and also managed at Newcastle. Therefore, he has an insight that not many possess.

Ultimately, we all know where the true fury should be directed. That is at the albatross that has been pulling on Newcastle’s neck for twelve years. However, removing that colossal bird will continue to be a long-term struggle.

In the short-term, we are worried about the team’s Premier League survival. We also are concerned as to whether Steve Bruce can get the best out of this squad. Sunday’s performance was disgraceful. The players deserve condemnation for collapsing when faced with their first obstacle on Sunday. That, ultimately, is a reflection on the head coach.

We had hoped that the Norwich City horror was just an aberration. But then came the poor performance at home against Brighton. Now we have witnessed a total collapse. That’s three dreadful displays in just eight games. That is not an aberration. It is a direction that Steve Bruce and the players must get altered soon.

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