Steve Bruce On Isaac Hayden’s Red And The Complete Surrender At Leicester

Here is Steve Bruce’s post-match interview on Sky Sports:

We found a couple of his comments worth examining. First was the topic of Isaac Hayden’s red card which is in the first part of the interview. This is what Steve Bruce had to say:

“I think when he looks at it. I’ve got no complaints. Maybe back in my day, 20-30 years ago maybe. But in today’s game you can’t follow through and be reckless.

“They’re the ones that really damage people as well. I think when he looks back he’ll know that he was in the wrong.”

We agree with Steve Bruce that it was a fair sending off. While Isaac did win the ball, it was extremely reckless and could have really hurt Dennis Praet. He made contact with his leg really high and it was bad challenge. We don’t think Isaac meant to hurt the Belgian but those types of tackles put players in peril.

In another part of the interview Steve Bruce was asked about whether he thought the players threw in the towel. That came at the 01:50 mark in the video. This was his answer to that question:

“I would think that’s a bit strong it was a difficult one . But the second and third goal came so quickly. That’s summed our afternoon up. A mistake and a bad deflection. After that it became very difficult.

“The defending left a lot to be desired to say the least. It all ended up in a horrible horrible afternoon for all of us.”

The Mirror have published some additional comments from Bruce which are a bit harsher than the ones shown above:

“It was a complete surrender. Too quickly, too easily and we didn’t do enough, especially in the second half to stop the Leicester momentum. We haven’t done the basics well enough against a good team then you will find it very difficult.

“I’ve only been at the club two or three months and not witnessed what I saw today. Too many felt sorry for themselves and we got badly punished. But to react in that way was disappointing for myself and the travelling support which was unbelievable.

“I can’t accept that. Ultimately, I have to accept responsibility because it’s as bad an afternoon as I can remember.

“It was nowhere near what’s required. Even if you have ten men, you can show fight, courage, resilience, whatever you want to call it. We simply haven’t done enough to put anything right.

“We haven’t shown enough resilience and that’s the disappointment. That’s really the only thing I demand off them and unfortunately we didn’t see that today.”

We agree with Steve Bruce’s assessment of they players today. They basically just surrendered once Ricardo scored at the 15 minute mark. The red card made a result highly unlikely but it does not excuse the complete capitulation in the second half. That is something that Steve Bruce is going to have to get to the bottom of and quickly.

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