Video Of Steve Bruce’s Comments On Peter Kenyon’s Latest Takeover Attempt

Sky Sports have tweeted some of Steve Bruce’s comments about a potential takeover in the works.

Craig Hope of the Daily Mail reported last night of Peter Kenyon’s renewed effort to purchase Newcastle United. He has reportedly bid £300m and this time has financial backing. Mike Ashley is expected to respond to the offer in 10 days.

This public reporting of the bid flies in the face of Mike Ashley’s own contention that if a sale happens, it will be practically all sorted out before the public catch wind of it. This is what Mike Ashley said in the Daily Mail in July:

“So I have to assume I will stay running this football club. There are no offers. Define an offer. I’m not a believer anymore. Peter Kenyon convinced me last Christmas that it was going to get done. I’m never doing that again. I think I could own this football club forever. That is my new mental state. The reality is with these deals that once it gets out if it’s not done, it’s probably not going to get done.

“The day someone buys Newcastle, they’ll do their due diligence – and finished. It will happen like Manchester City. By the time the media find out, it’s already complete. There’s no need for a delay with Newcastle. It is, honestly, a very well-run football club.”

We are not sure what to make of Craig Hope’s exclusive last night. We were one of the staunch believers that a BZG takeover was imminent when first reported by the Sun’s Justin Allen. We were then left in a state of total despair when the BZG takeover claims just vanished after Ashley’s interview in July.

The fact that it is Peter Kenyon again can lead one down two separate paths. One could think that he is bound and determined to buy Newcastle and finally has secured the backing to do so. Another avenue of thought is that it is very convenient during the current climate that someone who is on good terms with Ashley is publicly bidding again.

It is also interesting that another Sun journalist David Coverdale is also reporting the same news as Craig Hope. We are just not sure what to make of this at all. But one thing is for certain – we’ll only believe it when Peter Kenyon is seen holding up the proverbial shirt.

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