Steve Bruce Says He Has No Magic Wand But Aims To See Improvement In This Key Area

Matthew Raisbeck with BBC Newcastle has tweeted out the following comments by Steve Bruce.

Some may have an issue with Bruce’s contention that only two of the seven games have been diminished performances. We are fine with his outlook on this, though. While you could argue that Arsenal, Watford, and Liverpool were less than satisfactory, the performances were not terrible. However, they were capable of playing better.

The possession problem is an issue that we need to see an improvement in. We do not expect to see Newcastle on the front foot in the two matches before the next international break, but we do expect to see some signs that they are capable of playing with the ball especially at home.

The next two matches may not show a significant increase in possession percentage due to the opposition, its what they do when in possession that will matter.

Against Leicester City at St James Park in the Carabao Cup, Newcastle only had 32% possession but were basically playing with their second team. Leicester have also had the majority of possession in 4 of their 6 Premier League matches including at Manchester United. Manchester United have had the edge in possession in their three away games this season and will face Newcastle at St James Park next week.

What we expect to see is Newcastle show a better inclination to keep the ball when they have it. They have been far too wasteful, and that was especially evident in the home matches against Watford and Brighton.

We hope to see a reaction against Leicester City similar to the one at Spurs earlier this year. Whether Newcastle can get a result is another matter.

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