Two Players Give Their Verdict On What Striker Brings To The Team

Martin Dubravka and Christian Atsu were asked today about the return of striker Andy Carroll and what they thought he would be able to add to the Newcastle attack.

Both Martin and Christian seemed very positive that Andy Carroll can help Newcastle in the final third. The main areas that they concentrated on is Andy’s hold-up play and aerial ability.

This is what Martin had to say in the Chronicle about the effect of having Andy Carroll in the side:

“It affects things a lot. For the team-mates when Andy is on the pitch the opponents definitely have to be aware of him.

“He’s a massive guy who can keep the ball. In the last 10 minutes we were trying to push them. Andy is a quality player. When he is fully fit he will be definitely one of the best in our squad.

“Let’s hope he will be fit soon and be scoring goals for us. When he’s up there. You know he’s great at keeping the ball. Joelinton is trying his best to do that as well so I can’t complain.”

Andy Carroll– back in action for Newcastle

Christian Atsu gave an interview on NUFC TV today and was also asked about the return of Andy and what qualities he will bring to the attack:

“Yeah, it’s very important for us. We know when he’s on the pitch he can hold the ball for us. He can win air balls for us.

“When we have the ball in wide areas all we need to do is cross the ball because he is very good in the air.”

While we do think Andy Carroll will be a benefit to Newcastle as a late-game substitute, we have our doubts about his ability to be the focal point of the Newcastle attack. We think Joelinton is going to have to be the one to provide the goals for Newcastle to have any success this season.

What Andy can bring is what he brought to the side against Brighton. He can be a late-game substitute who will battle opposing defenders and hopefully create some space for his teammates. While it did not work out this past weekend, we have faith that Andy Carroll will pay some dividends this season.

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