Young Striker Can Still Come Through But Patience Is Required

Elias Sorensen has played just 150 minutes of football since joining Carlisle on August 16th. Elias made his debut the following day coming on as a substitute for the last 35 minutes.

However, he has been trending downward since then. In that last four matches since being removed at half-time at Scunthorpe, Elias has played only about 15 minutes of football.

While there are many reasons that the 20-year-old is not getting on the pitch for Carlisle, one of them is competition for places with five strikers at the club vying to get into the team.

Carlisle manager Steven Pressley spoke to the News and Star today about Sorenson and whether Newcastle have expressed any concerns with his lack of time on the pitch. This is what Pressley had to say:

“No. Actually, part of a young player’s development is coming out to a team and having to fight for your place.

“That’s real football and part of their development.

“Steve Bruce and the Newcastle staff will understand – this is a big part of his development.

“We continue to work with Elias. We’re working several afternoons a week with him and a number of our players who we’re trying to improve all the time. That’s my job.

“I’ve spoken to Elias and said to him exactly how I feel at this moment in time.

“My job, now I’ve spoken to him, is to help him become better and that’s what I’m doing.”

We can take these comments in a number of ways. Pressley is spot-on that Elias has to fight for his place at Carlisle. It would do him no good to just be handed a first-team place because of his pedigree coming from a Premier League club.

From Pressley’s comments, it appears as though there is a lot of areas Elias needs to improve on. Part of his development is learning to take instruction and implementing them into games.

It is still early for Sorensen as he has only been at Carlisle for five weeks. The club is struggling at the moment in 18th place and Pressley is opting for more experienced strikers in his team.

Olufela Olomola, who is on loan from Scunthorpe, has kept Sorensen out of the team and has been getting goals for them.

It’s not time to hit the panic button just yet for Sorensen. He is still getting instruction and learning how to be a professional. While this can’t continue for months on end, it may prove beneficial to his development in the long run.

Carlisle face Wolves U-21sin the EFL Trophy this afternoon. Hopefully, Sorensen will be involved in the match and put in a performance for his loan club.

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