Opinion: 52-year-old guest on talkSPORT proves how out of touch he is with Newcastle

Simon Jordan Crystal Palace’s former owner, and regular guest on talkSPORT, has slated many Newcastle fans for staying away from games.

The 52-year-old, who is quickly making himself many enemies on Tyneside, believes that if the fans who are staying away from St James’ Park actually loved Newcastle, they would turn up no matter what.

He clearly is either speaking on behalf of Mike Ashley or attempting to wind up a fanbase who are sick of the media blaming them for all of their club’s problems.

This latest drivel from Jordan follows on from a summer where he spoke on talkSPORT about Newcastle and claimed that the club was not big or that Mike Ashley had done nothing wrong in his time as owner.

I have to say I found this latest rant at these Newcastle fans as embarrassing.

This is because he clearly has not done any research or took any time to consider why fans are boycotting the games.

It is not because Steve Bruce is the manager – that is not the cause of the boycotts. Bruce’s appointment was just the straw that broke the camel’s back for many.

The reason fans like me and thousands of others are refusing to go is because Mike Ashley has drained the life from the club.

There is no hope in Newcastle anymore.

The only aim is to exist in the Premier League, and what is the point of supporting a football club without the hope that things will get better?

The feeling amongst many fans is apathy – which is not something you would ever expect from Newcastle fans.

The truth is, though, that many are just fed up with the way the club is run and the favourable media who attempt to turn the blame back onto anything other than Ashley.

Therefore, Jordan’s latest round of nonsense made me feel sorry for him not angry because he is clearly just another ill-informed person who thinks they know about Newcastle.

When, in truth, he doesn’t have a clue, yet he will be allowed to continue to spout rubbish on talkSPORT.

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