In-Form Winger Is Astute In His Self-Observation

Christian Atsu has been a player reborn over his past seven appearances for Newcastle. Atsu came in for the injured Miguel Almiron for the closing three matches last season and put in some top performances.

He kept that form into this season despite only returning in mid-August after an injury at the Africa Cup of Nations in July.

The big issue with Christian has always been how long can he keep his performances at a high level. He has always been plagued by inconsistency in his time at Newcastle.

Atsu knows this is an issue as he has stated it on numerous occasions. This is what Christian said in the Chronicle in the summer of 2018:

“It’s a mentality as much as anything. I want to be more consistent this season, to be playing more, to score more, and to assist more.

“That’s the mentality I need to have. It will be a lot of hard work, but I believe it’s going to happen this season.”

He also said some of the same things over the international break a few weeks ago:

“I think this is going to be an important season for me. I have been here for four years now – I have had some good times and played some good games, but I still don’t really think people have been able to see the best of me, certainly not on a consistent basis.

“That is the challenge now, to make sure this season is different. I am very happy with the way the team is playing and the way we are trying to press teams – I think that will help with my game.

“The biggest thing for me this season is to be consistent. I’ve had some good performances with Newcastle, but I need to start being more consistent and keeping my standards at the same level through the season.

“That is probably what has held me back in my time at Newcastle so far – I haven’t been consistent enough – and I am working as hard as I can to try to improve that. I feel as though my fitness is getting better, and hopefully, that will help me when I am on the pitch.”

Well, it’s been so far so good for Christian this season. He again put in a good display against league leaders Liverpool. However, he lost possession in midfield which ultimately led to Liverpool’s second goal.

Christian was a bit downtrodden over that as it was a turning point in the game. This is what Christian said about that moment in Chronicle:

“We were in the game – we scored one – then it was unfortunate that I gave the ball away. The second goal was very crucial in this game. I can only apologize to the players and also the fans.”

It was a tough moment for Atsu as he had Firmino and Fabinho hounding him for the ball. Liverpool ended up dispossessing him and, unfortunately, Martin Dubravka couldn’t corral Firmino’s pass into the box.

However, there really is nothing for Christian to have to apologize for. He put in another reliable performance as he continues to impress at Newcastle.

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