Some Fans Go To Twitter To Support Player After Liverpool Performance

We didn’t think Emil Krafth had a very good game on Saturday against Liverpool. However, he was up against Sadio Mane and Andrew Robertson. He was far from awful, and just struggled defensively against two world-class players. Any right-back would find it hard to go up against the likes of those two.

It was good to see some fans back the 25-year-old on Twitter after the game. It was just his fourth appearance in the Premier League, and he was facing the European Champions at Anfield. It was a tough proposition for any player.

There were some negative rumblings about Krafth after his Norwich debut in which he struggled a bit. However, Emil makes it a habit not to take notice of reports after games. This is what he told the Chronicle about the week after the Norwich defeat:

“Actually I did not read much about the game. I don’t like to read newspapers after the games.

“But I know people were disappointed in our performance [at Norwich] and I can understand that because we didn’t play good.”

Here are some fans that backed the 25-year-old after the Liverpool match.

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