What Will The Result Be In Saturday’s Match At Liverpool?

Sean Longstaff and Newcastle make their return to Anfield on Saturday. The occasion will hold special meaning for Sean as he returns to the ground where he made his debut on Boxing Day last year. While Newcastle were soundly defeated, a player’s debut for his hometown club is always a treasured moment in their career.

Newcastle must face the league leaders in a weakened state due to the scourge of injuries that have struck the squad. While the team is deep enough at the back and in the midfield, the attack is lacking in depth. It’s also the attack that was compromised a bit this summer. So Newcastle have tempted fate by entering the season with their forwards either being injured or recent additions.

We are not expecting too much from this fixture other than a committed performance from the lads. Head coach Bruce may also be forced to return to the 5-3-2 formation out of necessity with the lack of options upfront. We may find out some more at Steve’s pre-match press conference on the formation, and if Almiron will be able to make the squad.

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