Steve Bruce Makes Sensible Decision On Fitness Problem

Steve Bruce is at a complete loss with Dwight Gayle’s calf problem. He has expressed frustration with the injury that just won’t respond to any type of treatment.

This is what Steve Bruce said when giving an injury update on his squad after training on Tuesday:

“Dwight’s a big disappointment for me because I have now been here for seven, eight weeks but this injury has not got any better – which is a big concern to all of us.”

Steve has now seemingly pulled the plug on any type of treatment for Dwight. He is going to let Gayle’s body heal naturally, which may be the best course for such a pesky injury.

This is what Steve has said on Wednesday in the Chronicle about Dwight Gayle:

“We’re doing everything we can. We’ve had scan after scan and specialist after specialist. We just can’t seem to get to the bottom of it, so it’s now complete rest.”

“We’ve just come off it totally, and hopefully that will maybe do it the world of good. As I said, he trained the day before we left China so I thought, ‘He looks as if he’s going to be OK. He’s training well.’ It’s a problem. It’s a problem because we can’t get to the bottom of it.”

As fate would have it, Newcastle took a gamble in the pre-season with this squad, and they are starting to suffer some consequences. Dwight was being relied upon as an option in attack this season, and it’s not looking like he will be able to provide that anytime soon.

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