“So Why Would I Change?” – The Key Moment Where Ashley Forgets The Narrative

Newcastle Fans TV have tweeted the section of Mike Ashley’s desperate interview which deals directly with NUFC.

Mike Ashley looks very unnerved in this interview as he publicly tries to explain the situation with Sports Direct. However, it’s interesting that he brings his ownership of Newcastle United into the argument. Ashley appears to be claiming that a lot of his villainous reputation is due to him owning this football club. Though he chooses to use the word pantomime, which is all for show.

Well, there is one slight problem with his assessment. He has a nefarious reputation as an owner because he has earned that characterization through his own misdeeds. Just a few months ago, he lamented about his many mistakes in his infamous interview with the Daily Mail. We also vividly remember his interview before the Hull City match in 2015 when he strangely referenced carts and horses. He also stated that the responsibility should be placed at his door.

Now he is asking for the media to go easy on him and not treat him like a pantomime villain. So we really think he is starting to succumb to the stress with his Sports Direct empire. However, he is still trying to control the narrative, but it’s starting to come apart for him.

There is one moment in this interview that we think is telling. When the interviewer references the pantomime villain claim, Ashley is asked if he plans on changing. Mike responds with three no’s, and an “Everybody knows I do exactly what it says on the tin. So why would I change?” That answer probably will not fill his shareholders with much comfort since Sport Direct is in such as state.

Mike Ashley is in desperate straights, and he is trying to talk his way out of it. He has no intention of changing anything except the public’s perception of him. So the next time Mike Ashley tells Newcastle fans he has turned over a new leaf and will improve, just remember what Rafa Benitez says about a leopard and its spots. Or better yet, just listen to him tell you that he does exactly what it says on the tin.

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