Newcastle Release Images Of Carroll In Training As Bruce Explains His Limited Involvement

Newcastle United have released images from today’s training session, and many of the pictures show Andy Carroll in action with the lads.

Yesterday, it was revealed that Andy was involved in his first training session with this teammates. While he only took part in a limited capacity, it is a crucial step in his recovery.

Carroll’s return to the pitch is still a ways off, with Bruce suggesting that he is more likely to return in mid-October. Now it will be a matter of slowly increasing Andy’s involvement in full training while assessing how well he recovers from each session. The obvious plan is to not risk him participating in any type of activity too soon that could cause a setback.

The Chronicle have some more quotes from Steve Bruce about what Carroll was able to do during his first training session:

“He joined in and joined in the warm-up and the boxes and then there was a passing drill he came into and he was a floater in the possession so he took part in half the session so that was his first real hint of being back in amongst us,”

“Now, we’ve got to progress that and see where he is but it’s calculating a gamble. It’s a gamble I’m convinced after seeing him that he’ll take some part somewhere and if we can hopefully get him on the pitch then great.”

It’s all a slow process for the thirty-year-old to get back to playing again. However, he must be delighted to be out on the field playing with the lads again after a grueling month of rehabilitation.

This is how Steve Bruce described the past month for Andy Carroll after his return to Newcastle in early August:

“Thankfully, with what he has had to put up with, he is a strong-minded individual and determined but no matter how determined you are or what you are, it’s always difficult when you’re carrying around an injury.

“And it must be the difficult part for any footballer – let alone Andy Carroll because it’s now plagued him unfortunately for the best part of two-and-a-half years. For me, it’s the most difficult thing to cope with.

“When you’re not involved, all you seem to be doing is spending long, long, horrible hours in the gym and it becomes a mental thing as much as a physical thing so thankfully he is strong enough to hopefully see it through. It will be a boost for everyone to get him on the pitch, that’s for sure.”

Newcastle could have a massive boost of returning players next month with Matt Ritchie and Allan Saint-Maximin also slated for an October return. For Andy Carroll, his comeback will mark not only his first action on the football pitch since February, but also a return to playing for his hometown club.

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