The Sooner Michael Owen Shuts Up – The Better – He Shows Zero Class

Michael Owen costs Newcastle United for around £17M back in August 2005 when we signed him from Real Madrid after he had left Liverpool one year earlier.

That’s when Rafa Benitez took over as manager of the club, and Rafa won the Champions League in his first season.

Newcastle were willing to pay way over the odds and what Liverpool (make that Rafa Benitez) were prepared to pay to get him back to Anfield, and so and he ended up at Newcastle.

Now Michael has written his new book Reboot.

In it he says he never wanted to sign for Newcastle – well that’s a good start!

Michael wants to sell as many copies as possible, and he has embarrassed himself greatly in the last week or so by criticizing Alan Shearer in particular and Newcastle United in general.

What a cheek!

Michael Owen – fans never took to him

Usually, when you do this, you can back it up by having done well at the club you played for.

But he was a complete and utter disaster at Newcastle and was always injured.

In the final year of his contract at Newcastle we were relegated, and he couldn’t even make the starting line-up when Alan Shearer was the manager.

He then disappeared from Newcastle and hardly said a word – some leadership there!

Michael was nearly always injured at Newcastle.

He didn’t always put Newcastle first in his priorities as he was still (too) keen to play for England.

We’ll not go into details about Michael’s exposes about Shearer and Newcastle in his book.

They’ve been well-publicized – other than to say he has proved he has no class or dignity as a person.

As a comparison, in 10 years at his home town club, Alan Shearer played 404 times for the Magpies with 206 goals in 405 total appearances.

His 206 goals is a Newcastle record, beating Jackie Milburn’s 200 goals.

That’s an average for Alan of 40 appearances a year and about 20 goals a year.

At £15M he was one of Newcastle’s best-ever buys – maybe the best.

Michael Owen signed 9 years after Shearer had signed and in five years at Newcastle – half of Alan’s tenure – he scored 30 goals in 79 appearances.

That’s an average of 16 appearances a year and about 6 goals a year.

At £17M he was one of Newcastle’s worst-ever buys – maybe the worst.

Michael Owen should stop talking about Newcastle and show some dignity – he comes over as very selfish and even a victim at Newcastle.

He would be well advised to just shut up – at least about his time at Newcastle.

What do you think?

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