Neil Redfearn Reveals Why He Was Harsh With Youngsters After EFL Trophy Loss

Neil Redfearn spoke to NUFC TV after their 2-1 loss at Macclesfield last night. Newcastle United have tweeted the below clip is just the first 25 seconds of the interview.

A little later in the interview, Redfearn spoke about how the squad is coming along. After a rough start to the season, the team were able to win on Friday against Fulham. They put in another decent performance last night.

He seems to be pleased with the progress and their efforts last night:

“We’ve just got to keep putting bricks on top of bricks and building. This is a new group as such. Players have gone out, and we’re aware of that.

“I’m very pleased with our performance in the second half. Now we’ve got to string them performances together, so we can do that for ninety minutes. We have got to be more diligent both ends of the pitch.

“We’ve got to be harder to score against, and we’ve got to create more if we can. There is some good stuff and also some stuff to look at again.”

Neil also sensed the lads were a little deflated after the loss. He spoke about the frustration they were all feeling, and how it is his responsibility to make sure the youngsters learn from their experience:

“I feel frustrated for the lads because they worked really hard. They played well in the second half. But that’s football. You’ve got to get over these things, and you’ve got to learn from them.

“That’s the beauty of development football. You learn from these sorts of experience. These are great places to come and put your wits against this sort of opposition.

If you go out on loan or for whatever reason you find yourself at this level, they’ve got to cope with it.”

Macclesfield Town is currently in League Two. Newcastle United have three players who are on loan to clubs at that level of football in Elias Sorensen, Kelland Watts, and Liam Gibson.

This is the level that many of these players will fo to on loan as they continue their development. Also, the ones that don’t make it at Newcastle will likely end up plying their trades in the lower levels of English football.

Redfearn also identified what he is trying to instill in the development squad and how it can pay dividends for the Newcastle first-team down the line:

“They gave absolutely everything to be fair. They’re gutted. We were a little bit harsh with them when they came in after. But that’s football. They’ve got to learn that. We’re teaching them the game.

“We’re teaching them how to win and how to get results. It’s the importance of it because as much as it is about development and working with players, the next step up is first-team football.

“So they’ve got to get used to the fact that they’re expected to win. They’re expected to get clean sheets.”

Neil Redfearn has let the youngsters know that last night was a match they could have one. It is his job to ingrain a winning mentality in these players so they are ready to perform for the first-team.

So while he may have been a bit harsh on them last night, it was to get them ready for the harsh realities of first-team football. He understands that the players must be ready mentally as much as physically to play for Newcastle at the top-level.

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