Alan Shearer Responds To Michael Owen On Twitter

Alan Shearer has sent out the following tweet likely in response to Michael Owen’s article in the Mirror yesterday.

We expected that Alan would respond sooner or later to Michael Owen’s claim that their feud stems from Alan’s “failure” as manager of Newcastle.

This is a good clip for Alan to have used in his response. In Owen’s article last night, he suggested that Alan was upset due to Michael’s unwillingness to play while injured for Newcastle during their relegation battle in 2009.

Owen disputed that assertion and said that Alan was really upset that he could not save Newcastle from relegation that season. In essence, Owen claimed that Shearer was using him as a scapegoat.

We expect to see a lot of similar responses from many people over the next few weeks. Owen is intent on selling a book in which it appears he is going to blame everyone except himself for his career.

The clip that Alan Shearer has posted is Michael in his own words verifying what every Newcastle fan already knew about him.

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