Michael Owen Reveals What Led to Alan Shearer Feud

Michael Owen has penned a couple of articles in the Mirror. One of them deals with his ongoing feud with Alan Shearer. Michael states that his ten-year rift with his former England and Newcastle strike partner stems from the infamous game at Aston Villa that saw Newcastle relegated in 2009.

This is what Michael writes in his Mirror article:

He was brought in at St. James’ Park as the saviour, the local boy. It could have been a great story. But he failed. Newcastle United were relegated. Perhaps rather than examine his own shortcomings, it felt easier to blame Michael Owen.

I was a week away from fitness for the final game of the season that saw Newcastle needing a point at Aston Villa to avoid relegation.

I told him that I wasn’t fully fit but was prepared to play. As I left his office that day, he made an insinuation that led me to believe he thought I had half an eye on my next contract. I’m not stupid – we both knew I was out of contract in a few weeks.

Owen believes that it was this exchange that has led to their ongoing feud, which continues to this day. These words are not very diplomatic by Michael. The simple but blunt phrase ‘But he failed’ is really stinging and quite unnecessary.

While Michael does go on to say that Newcastle were beyond saving by the time Alan took over, he takes very little responsibility for his role in our failures that season. After all, Kevin Keegan had appointed Michael as club captain when the season began.

Michael Owen is doing the rounds currently trying to sell a new book which he claims will set the record straight on his career. Expect a few feathers to be ruffled by the striker from fans of Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City.

After all, Michael is above reproach for any failure at these clubs. The decisions and actions he made during his career were not his fault. Or at least, that is what he’ll be trying to convince everyone. We don’t think he’s going to be too successful in that.

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