Carlisle Manager Explains Sorensen’s Half-Time Substitution

Elias Sorensen made his first start for Carlisle United yesterday in their 0-1 win at Scunthorpe. We had a feeling that Elias would get a start as Olufela Olomola was ineligible due to him being on loan from Scunthorpe.

However, the nineteen-year-old was pulled at half-time by manager Steven Pressley and replaced with another loan striker in Leicester City’s Ryan Loft. We can’t really quibble with that decision too much as Loft ended up scoring the game-winner.

Pressley gave an interview after the game and explained why he made the change at half-time.

It is encouraging to know that it wasn’t Elias’s performance that led to the change. Rather it was a tactical decision to bring the 6’3″ Loft on for Sorensen. This is what Pressley has said about the substitution.

“They gave us great respect. They played a 4-1-4-1 formation. The tried to flood the middle of the park and not allow us to get our fluency. To be fair, they did it to good effect. We couldn’t find those areas, and we had to go a little more direct to try and break their press.

“We have to win more of those types of contacts and link the game better. That was the reason for my substitution at half-time. We couldn’t get a foothold in the game. We were getting forced to play a little longer at times, and we needed to get and win first contacts more.

“You’ve got to understand the reason I’ve brought in the different types of strikers is that I think strikers will suit certain games. Our opinion was in this game, we had watched quite a lot of footage, and we felt that one of their deficiencies was the movement and speed of a striker in behind the two centre-backs.

“We never got in the number 10 position where we could really exploit that movement. So it became a game where we had to make a change based on how it was panning out, and Loft gave us a different type of option.”

Elias has made four appearances for Carlisle since joining them just over two weeks ago which is a lot better than the 32 minutes he played for Blackpool last season. Pressley has already stressed that it will take some time for Sorensen to start playing regularly at Carlisle. He also has stated that the club not been given a mandate by Newcastle to play Sorensen a certain number of games.

Elias just needs to remain patient and continue to work hard during training. Carlisle have brought in four strikers this summer so Sorensen will have to fight for his opportunities. If he is still not starting regularly in a few months then maybe Newcastle can find another option in January. Right now, it is far too soon for that. The youngster just needs to put his head down and work hard.

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