Newcastle Player Responds To Journalist Who ‘Loved’ Choudhury Tackle On Ritchie

In a since-deleted tweet, BBC Leicester’s Owynn Palmer-Atkin commented on the Hamza Choudhury tackle that injured Matt Ritchie. Palmer-Atkin was apparently upset with Ritchie’s style of play during the game. He must not watch many Newcastle games as Ritchie always plays all out.

The tweet that has upset many Newcastle fans said the following:

Matt Ritchie has been absolutely destroyed by Hamza Choudhury in a huge tackle. Love to see it don’t ya.

He initially responded to the growing criticism with this response.

After the criticism grew even louder, he has pinned the following tweet on his account.

Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximin has tweeted the following to Owynn Palmer-Atkin in response to his original tweet which is also below.

Owynn Palmer-Atkin blocked Allan Saint-Maximin after his tweet and Allan responded with the following.

It was an unfortunate initial tweet from Palmer-Atkin. If he had know the extent of the damage done to Matt Ritchie, he most likely wouldn’t have used such celebratory tones in his tweet. He has issued an apology but the problem with social media is that it lasts forever.

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