Matty Longstaff Will Take Good And Bad From Unlucky Defeat

Matty Longstaff gave an interview on the official Newcastle United website today about the Carabao Cup loss to Leicester City.

It was Matty Longstaff’s debut for his hometown club and a night he will always remember. It’s just a pity that it came down to a loss in a penalty shootout that ended Matty’s debut on a sour note.

This is what Matty had to say about the game:

“I thought we defended well, especially in the first half. Nothing could be done about the goal we conceded. He has hit the free-kick and it took a deflection, and those things happen sometimes but other than that, I don’t think they had many chances. We had a few attacks and another time they may have come to something.

“I thought we reacted pretty well, and stayed solid and took the chance we took. In the second half, we scored a good goal and from there, we had a few half chances. We got a lot of momentum when we equalised and on another day, we probably could have taken the half-chances that we had.

“I felt I should have shot a couple of times around the box but you learn from that and as a team, it’s unlucky to lose on penalties.

“It’s all about luck. Someone has to miss and it’s unlucky but I thought we put up a good fight and we were unfortunate to go out that way. There will be good and bad bits to take from the game but, overall, it is disappointing to lose.”

It was definitely an unfortunate debut for the 19-year-old, but he can take solace in the fact that he and his teammates played very well. They just lacked any luck whatsoever.

Steve Bruce also spoke of Matty’s debut to BBC Newcastle. Bruce seems to really like the youngster and will happy to have been the one to give the local lad his debut.

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