Dubravka Wants To Bring Positive Feeling To International Break

Martin Dubravka has given an interview on NUFC TV about a few subjects going into the match against Watford on Saturday.

He first spoke about the disappointment of last night’s defeat at the hands of Leicester City. He feels his teammates gave it their all, but it was just down to the luck of penalties.

This what Martin has said about last night’s Carabao Cup tie:

“It is a disappointment because we would like to go through. I think we did well in this game. We were well organized, and the guys who had the chance to play they showed their skills as well.

“In the end, penalties is just a lottery. Maybe bad luck but another game is coming, which is good for us.

“It’s another crucial game. We need to take the positives from this game even though we are out to this competition. That is the way it is in football sometimes.”

Martin is right that the team played very well last night. The lads who came into the side were a match for a strong Leicester team. But they are out of the competition, unfortunately.

Martin Dubravka– proud of his teammate’s performance last night

However, they will get a quick turnaround with the upcoming game against Watford coming in just a couple of days.

This is what the Slovakian had to say about the start to the season as well as the match against Watford:

“It’s a better start than last season, but obviously it’s just one victory. We just have to keep going, and they (Watford) are not in the best position now. Still, they are a good side.

“So we have to play the same style like against Spurs so that way we can be successful. We are playing at home so we would like to win, but it will not be easy.”

“I don’t think they are in a panic. It’s just three games, and there are plenty of games in front of us. I think they will come and they will try to score some goals.

“The Premier League in this time, you have so many good teams here. It’s hard to say which ones will be in the top ten or on the bottom. It’s just the beginning now so I still think there is plenty of games where they will collect some points.

“They are a good side. I remember when we played against them last season, and they have quality players.”

This is a very big game for Newcastle even though it is early in the season. We are currently 19th in the table on three points with a -2 goal difference. However, Manchester United are fifth on 4 points with a +3 goal difference. So a win for Newcastle could see them significantly climb the table.

It would be great to be near mid-table or even better after just four games. While it is still very early, that will give the whole place a lift going into the international break next week.

This is what Martin has said about the importance of going into the break on the back of a positive result.

“It makes so much difference if you win the game before the international break. I really hope we win and we can bring this feeling before the internationals.”

We definitely like going into the long international break after a win. It puts us in a much better mood. So let’s hope Newcastle can make it six points in four games on Saturday.

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