Young Midfielder Responded Like An Old Pro After Norwich Disappointment

Sean Longstaff was not involved from the start at Norwich. However, he came back into the starting eleven against Tottenham and played very well. His impact on the team cannot be understated. Even against Norwich, when he was brought on late in the game, you saw the difference he made.

After the great victory against Tottenham, Sean spoke a little bit about the tough week at Newcastle after the Norwich defeat. He also mentioned the traveling fans and how important they are to the team.

“It is massive. At Newcastle, everything gets blown out of proportion. There has been a lot of criticism thrown our way, but that shows how good a team we are.

“It is a tough time and it shows.

“The away end is always packed, they always back us. The trains are off, and they are here cheering us. The fans are a massive part of this club. When everyone is together we can come and get results like this.”

Sean was not happy with being left out at Norwich, but he handled it exactly how you would have hoped. He responded with maturity and got back to work.

The Chronicle have published some of Sean’s comments this morning about how he has responded after the disappointment of last week.

“You want to play as many games as you can. Arsenal was my first proper game in five months. You can play all the pre-season games you want, but there’s nothing quite like playing in the Premier League,”

“I’m a professional. You get your head down, work hard and do as much as you can to get back in the team. You cheer on the lads when you’re on the sideline and this week I got my chance again.

“There are probably little bits of quality I need to touch up on, but I think that’ll only come with playing games. I’m playing better week on week.

“Like the manager said, it’s probably going to take a bit of time. The type of person I am, I want to be back at that level straight away.

“There are enough good people around me to not let me get too angry at myself. That can happen when there are certain things you’re used to doing naturally and you have to try to do them a little bit more or think about them a bit more, which can be frustrating.

Sean is well on his way back to where he was prior to his injury. His performance against Tottenham was a clear indication the best is still to come for the youngster.

We think that Sean will most likely not start the Leicester City game tomorrow. Though he may play a part from then bench. It would be just great if both Sean and his brother Matty could get on the pitch tomorrow at some point.

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