Steve Bruce Wants To Get On With Taking Club Forward After First Win

Steve Bruce was thrilled after today’s win at Tottenham. However, he also seemed to exude a bit of confidence after a stalwart performance from the lads.

These are some comments that Steve made after the match that have been posted online by the Chronicle.

“The only way we can respond to criticism is like that.

“I mean, to say I ‘cannot even do a warm up’ is mad. I have managed 900-odd games and over the years you would think there would be some sort of respect.

“We have had a tough week so we have had to respond in the right way and thankfully the players have.

“We’ve come to one of the biggest platforms in Europe and won the game. I’m delighted we turned them over.

“I knew it would be difficult maybe not that difficult. But I want to get on with taking the club forward now. The fans enjoyed watching their team.”

Here is another interview posted online by beIN Sports in which Bruce talks about the criticism he has received. He also goes on to praise the players and their fantastic performance.

Steve Bruce must build on this performance. He is absolutely right to be buoyed after this this result.

However, it is only one win and we have 35 more matches to go in the league. The players and staff must work hard to continue to improve. Steve seems to understand that as this was his response on whether the players would be off tomorrow.

“No, they will be in tomorrow, and they will be working hard.”

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