Opposition Manager Says Too Early To Worry About Bruce

Steve Bruce got some support yesterday from former Magpie Rob Lee after what has been a week of scrutiny for the Newcastle boss.

While Bruce should have expected some flack after the pathetic performance at Norwich, the toxicity reached peak levels in some circles. We feel it was a nice gesture for Rob Lee to offer some insight to Bruce’s situation.

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino has also given some insight into Steve Bruce’s situation at Newcastle.

Football.London have published all of the Spurs boss’s comments from his pre-match press conference yesterday.

When asked if he feels for Steve Bruce at Newcastle, this is how Pochettino responded:

“It is only the beginning, the Premier League is so tough and is so difficult. I have a good relationship with Steve. We are going to play them, but it is only the beginning of the season, no one can be worried.

“We are in a process, nearly all of the clubs, only Manchester City or Liverpool can say they keep all of the dynamic. The rest of the human people and clubs we try to find our best dynamic to try and perform in that tough league.

“We all need time to get the reward and perform in the way we want.”

We disagree with the Argentine that no one should be worried. There is a reason to be worried at the moment. However, it is all a matter of degrees. Newcastle are only two games into the season. However, we are looking three straight defeats dead in the eye, with a result at Tottenham highly improbable.

Steve Bruce– needs a performance today

Pochettino is correct that most clubs are still finding their way this early in the season. We certainly hope that is the case at Newcastle. After Tottenham today, we will face Watford at home in our next league fixture. Watford sit bottom of the league with no wins and a -6 goal difference.

If Newcastle can keep it close today at Spurs, we may still find ourselves above Watford going into the match next week. That is looking like a massive one, even though it will still be just the fourth of the season.

This is a big week for Steve Bruce. The lads must play better today, and get something from Watford next week. There is also the cup match against Leicester City on Wednesday which the team must do well in.

While we agree that Steve Bruce needs time, there also has to be signs that he can keep this club in the Premier League. While those are some pretty low expectations for a club of this stature, it’s where we find ourselves after a summer of disappointment.

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