Florian Lejeune Is Getting Close To Making His Return

Florian Lejeune has made a sort of grand reappearance this week. The club released some images of him training while Steve Bruce made the following statements about both him and Andy Carroll.

This was the first we had heard of any definitive news on the French Defender. Really it’s the first we’ve seen of Florian since he came in for the pre-season fitness tests and tweeted the following tweet.

Steve Bruce has spoken some about Lejeune and where he stands in his recovery. It looks like it is getting close for Florian. Here is Steve Bruce’s latest comments as published in the Chronicle.

“Well, Florian was out on the pitch on Tuesday, Wednesday, which I was amazed at.

“I think he’s had three-and-a-half months.

“I think he got back playing four months last year, which is quite remarkable for a cruciate

“Whether that had any effect on the other one, you’ll have to ask the doctors.

“It’s incredibly quick to come back on the pitch so he’s done remarkably well.

“It’s good to see him. He looks a very, very good player.”

Florian made a rapid return last season from a knee injury suffered in pre-season. He made his return at Stamford Bridge on January 12th, and we saw an improved side. Newcastle amassed 17 points during Florian’s twelve games in the team.

There were a lot of reasons for that run of good form. Not least of which was the arrival of Miguel Almiron, who made his debut in February. Florian’s return played a big part.

However, it was less than three months later that he would suffer a serious injury to his other knee. Whether the quick return from his initial injury played any part, we suppose, is pure speculation.

Lejeune should provide a needed boost to the side. We would expect to see him return to full training within the next month. It will be so great to see Florian back on the pitch again.

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