Fans Have Their Say On Bruce’s Tactics In Win At Spurs

Ever since Steve Bruce was hired, tactics have been at the forefront of many discussions. Rafa Benitez had Newcastle set up brilliantly against top six sides in efforts to try and secure results. He was criticized in the national media for playing this type of football but generally praised locally for his tactical acumen.

Steve Bruce has never been considered a tactical genius by any means. However, the criticism he has received this past week about his tactics were overblown. While he is no Rafa Benitez, Steve Bruce is a very experienced manager and has played the game at the highest level.

Today, Steve Bruce set the team up perfectly. The players played their part superbly and executed the well-developed tactical plan. It was a Rafa-esque display. That is not meant as a slight to Bruce in the least. He set this team up and he developed the plan this week.

However, he is always going to be compared to Rafa Benitez. This was a similar result to some of the unexpected ones last season. The credit goes to Steve Bruce and these players. This was not a plug and play tactic Rafa left behind in an old desk that Bruce has stumbled upon and dusted off. It was formulated, implemented, and executed by this year’s staff and players.

They deserve all the credit for it. Here are some Newcastle United fans who were impressed with the tactical display this afternoon.

He’s even received some credit from one of his harshest critics this week:

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