Steve Bruce Is Fighting Fire With Fire – Will It Be Enough?

There is nothing we would like more than Steve Bruce to take Newcastle into the top half of the table. For him to achieve a comfortable finish that defies expectations would be inspirational.

It would be the path of least resistance for any Newcastle fan. It would also be quite the story. The affable, but somewhat lightweight, hometown lad comes home and, inspired beyond his abilities, achieves his dream.

Steve Bruce has never had a squad like this at his disposal. While at Sunderland and with backing, he achieved a tenth and thirteenth place finish. That’s the same as Rafa mustered at Newcastle, the optimist could proclaim.

We think this squad is better than any of those Sunderland ones. If Steve Bruce is ever to achieve anything, this is his ultimate chance.

Steve Bruce has only been the head coach at Newcastle United since July 17th. It is not even September yet, and already he is under fire. Though to be completely accurate, he has been under fire since day one.

The abject performance at Norwich this past weekend has accelerated the firestorm surrounding his appointment. It was a performance that was not just unacceptable, but it was something that only someone like Steve Bruce would produce.

The timing was so unfortunate that it was actually quite predictable, with all factors considered.

It is only two games into the season, and at times, we must stop and address our pessimism. A result at Spurs and the horizon will be so much brighter. However, another Norwich and we will see our doom enter the Hadron Collider.

Steve Bruce, to his credit, is having none of it. He appears to be up for the fight.

The Shields Gazette have published the following comments from Steve Bruce about his first five weeks in charge of Newcastle:

“Am I regretting this job? Absolutely no chance.

“I love the fight of it. When it gets unfair, that’s where I get disappointed. I could have given it a load of bulls*** last Saturday, all the flannel. I say it the way it is, because I was totally disappointed with the performance.

“I never give up the fight for it, that’s in me. No-one else in the country would be under the spotlight that I feel as if I’m under at the minute. It is what it is, I knew it, I have to accept it. I could have said no.

“I’m prepared to roll up my sleeves, and I hope the team respond the right way.

“I’ve had to work and fight to be a player, coach, and manager. It’s never come easy. I have to work every day, I’m not afraid of that.

“I’ve been in the game a long time and have been beaten badly lots. I hope my record stands up with teams I’ve managed in the Premier League, smaller clubs than this. I’ve always managed to do OK. I hope I can do the same here.”

We admire Steve Bruce’s determination. Hopefully, he can inspire the squad to achieve something this season. However, we have yet to see the results. And in the end, that is all that really matters.

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