Newcastle Great Reminds Fans That Bruce Is Not The Villain

Rob Lee, who made 301 appearances for Newcastle United from 1992-2002, has taken to Twitter in defense of Steve Bruce. He has also tried to remind fans that Bruce is not the cause of our current situation.

Rob Lee makes a very salient point in these comments. Steve Bruce was offered the position and took it. While the way Bruce left Sheffield Wednesday was a fair point of contention, he has come in and got on with it. By all accounts, he has done a very admirable job in getting the players focused on moving forward.

Whether he can be successful, remains to be seen. While results are ultimately all that matters, he needs to be afforded at least a run of games before he can be comprehensively judged.

Bruce has been under constant scrutiny since the day he was appointed. The pressure has been ratcheted up tenfold this week with the result at Norwich. While we do think Bruce deserved some probing about the terrible performance, the extent and type of the criticism leveled at him have been extreme.

This week has seen him issue some regretful responses to some of the criticism aimed at him and his players, but it is understandable considering the type of criticism they received.

What Steve Bruce needs is some time and space to see if he is the right man for the job. Two games are just not an adequate enough sample size to concretely say that he isn’t.

While it is certainly logical to take his history into consideration, he should get at least a couple of months on this specific job to state his case.

Lee also goes on to remind us why this club is stuck in neutral, and possibly about to go back in reverse. The owner is the root cause of the problem. If Bruce fails, he can be seen as a symptom but nothing more. He needs to be given some reasonable amount of time before that is decided.

By reasonable, we don’t mean half a season but just a couple of months, or around eight to ten games. If we have only a few points after that, then it is logical to surmise that he is just not going to get it done. Rafa Benitez had the entirety of his CV to rely on during his poor starts, so should Steve Bruce.

With Benitez, it was reasonable to suggest that he could turn it around. It may not be with Bruce if he ends up in the same predicament.

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