Ex-Player Responds To Bruce – Hopefully This Is The End Of It

Michael Chopra has issued the following response to Steve Bruce.

These are the comments by Steve Bruce that Chopra has responded to:

“I’m sorry, but it’s just totally wrong and lies basically. The whole thing is fabricated lies, and unfortunately, it escalates where you think, ‘Dear, oh dear. That is just totally ridiculous.’

“And this is the problem when you get people who just want to create nonsense, which, obviously, it was.”

“Who does he know? It’s absolute lies. Look, it’s lies and you all know why he is on the radio.

“You all know why he is on the radio. Newcastle legend? Played 20 times for the club. Jesus! Give me some sort of credence. If it’s Alan Shearer, yes, c’mon, bring it on.”

We don’t think Steve Bruce will respond to what Chopra has written here. At least we really hope he doesn’t. Steve Bruce went a little overboard in his comments about Michael.

However, Chopra’s claims were provocative and unnecessary. His assertions that senior players told him personally that they did not know their roles was insulting to Steve Bruce.

So Steve has hit back at those claims and gotten personal with Chopra. We feel that Bruce should not have gone as far as he did in his response as it was almost inevitable that Michael would respond. It also shows that some of the criticism aimed at him is starting to get to him.

Now that he has responded we hope this row is put to rest. Steve Bruce has more significant problems than what Michael Chopra says. While we don’t think Bruce was wrong defend himself, the manner he chose was only going to incite further conflict.

Michael Chopra may also want to focus on Mike Ashley going forward if he has to talk to the press. Steve Bruce is trying his best to get on with his job. It’s a hard enough situation for him at the moment without all of these peripheral distractions.

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