Paul Dummett Has Nothing To Clarify – He is Newcastle United Through And Through

This is the exact quote at the 0:45 second mark of Paul Dummett’s post-Norwich interview directly after the match:

“I don’t know, but I think from the start in the warm-up, it wasn’t right. The first five minutes, they were on top of us.”

This innocuous comment said in passing has caused a storm for not only Paul but also his coaching staff. It reached a zenith during a BBC podcast on Tuesday between Arlo White, Chris Sutton, and Micah Richards in which Sutton and Richards blasted Dummett for his comments.

Now both Sutton and Richards reacted to the comment about the warm-up as presented by Arlo White. It seemed to us that both Chris Sutton and Micah Richards had not heard the interview but were reacting to the plain text of the comment that the warm-up wasn’t right.

It may also be the case that Arlo White had not heard the comments in their full context either. If so, they most likely would not have responded like they did.

Paul Dummett– his actions do the talking

To us, Paul Dummett was not making any derogatory references to the coaching staff whatsoever. In that same interview he said that the players needed to look themselves in the mirror for their performance.

After the reaction on the BBC podcast, Paul Dummett took to Twitter to issue the following clarification:

Steve Bruce, when asked about Paul’s warm-up comments, had the following response as published in the Chronicle today:

“If they’ve detected that they weren’t right in the warm-up and then they’ve took that onto the pitch then, of course, that is a concern,”

“But if you’re insinuating that myself and the staff aren’t capable of taking a warm-up, then it’s difficult, and then when you all sensationalise the other stuff of somebody like Michael Chopra.”

We really feel for Paul as he is a local lad and will be mortified that he has any part to play in the storm this week.

As for the Michael Chopra comments, this is what Steve Bruce had to say:

“I’m sorry but it’s just totally wrong and lies basically. The whole thing is fabricated lies, and unfortunately, it escalates where you think, ‘Dear, oh dear. That is just totally ridiculous.’

“And this is the problem when you get people who just want to create nonsense, which, obviously, it was.”

“Who does he know? It’s absolute lies. Look, it’s lies and you all know why he is on the radio.

“You all know why he is on the radio. Newcastle legend? Played 20 times for the club. Jesus! Give me some sort of credence. If it’s Alan Shearer, yes, c’mon, bring it on.”

Another week supporting Newcastle United I suppose. I really hope we don’t get thrashed on Sunday. Because if we do then, Dear, oh dear.

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