International Teammate Gives Insight On New Signing

Swedish international midfielder Sebastian Larsson will have some good insight into a few aspects of Newcastle at the moment.

Larsson was signed by Steve Bruce to play at both Birmingham City and Sunderland. It was at Sunderland that he also played with two of Newcastle’s right-backs in DeAndre Yedlin and Javier Manquillo.

He is also the international teammate of our new right-back Emil Krafth. Larsson will know all about Emil from playing with him for Sweden. He will also be able to draw on his experiences with Bruce, Yedlin, and Manquillo to give a good indication of where Krath fits in the Newcastle picture.

Emil Krafth– will see better days than at Norwich

The Chronicle have interviewed the 34-year-old about his compatriot and got some insight into what we can expect from Krafth.

This is what Larsson has said about how he thinks Krafth compares with his two former Sunderland teammates:

“I think he is different a little bit to them.

“With DeAndre, he is super fast, we all know that. His strongest attribute is his pace.

“I think Emil is a stronger defender. He is better defensively, which is always helpful in the Premier League.

“I would say he is a little stronger than those two. He is not as quick, certainly as DeAndre going forward, but he is not a slow guy.

“I am pleased he has got an opportunity. Do I think he will jump straight in and make that spot his own?

“I feel like it will take a little bit of time to bed in.”

This goes along with what we have heard from various reports on the type of player Emil is. We saw some of his ability at Norwich though it does appear that it was too soon for him in that game.

The Norwich game will have been an unfair game to judge Emil on. We would also expect that Javier Manquillo will come in at Tottenham. As Larsson has said, it will take time for the right-back to get settled and bedded in.

Here are some more comments about Krafth from Larsson about how Krafth should perform once he adapts to the Premier League.

“I think he has the attributes to do well.

“He is a very powerful guy which is always useful in the Premier League. He is a strong lad, built very well. He doesn’t mind getting involved in the physical side of the game, and he has a good engine on him.

“I think that will always help in the Premier League, especially early on when you are trying to adapt.

“The Premier League is a lot more physical than other European leagues. Those things will stand him in good stead.

“He is a good guy. He has his feet firmly on the ground. When a Premier League club comes knocking it is a no-brainer, and I don’t think he has hesitated to go.”

It was certainly a trial by fire for Emil at Norwich. That match will not be an accurate indicator of what we can expect from him. The whole team performance was lacking and the defense was especially disorganized.

We still have faith that Emil will be a solid right-back for Newcastle. It’s just going to take some time for him to adapt to the league and his new surroundings.

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