Allan Saint-Maximin Gives Update On Injury Ahead Of Tottenham

Allan Saint-Maximin spent the day today helping the community. He has given an interview with NUFC TV to explain why he is supporting the NUFC Food Bank, his interactions with Newcastle supporters, and also an update on his fitness.

The interview is about eight minutes long, and you can really see that Allan is just a very genuine person. It is a great interview, and he seems like such a kind-hearted young man.

He did speak a bit about his injury and his chances of making a return for the Tottenham game. This is what Allan said:

“I think I can have a chance because I work out inside. I do a lot of training. I will train tomorrow. Normally it is a day off, but I will train tomorrow. I think I can train Friday. And we will see if I can play against Tottenham.

My job is too, you know, I have a big body, and I have to run fast. It is my job. I felt uncomfortable.

“I felt like if I run I can break something. So for this, I have to be careful. But now I feel a bit better and I hope the training on Friday will be very good so I can play.”

He was also asked if he watched the Norwich match and we couldn’t help but notice his raised brow when he began his answer:

“Yeah, its really hard because I came onto the pitch against Arsenal, and my team did a very good job. Every player played great. I know when I come on the pitch I feel very good.

“When you have this feeling you think you can do great things. But it’s the Premier League. You play against Norwich and it’s a difficult game. When we lose a game I feel like sh*t.

“I want to be here. I want to do some things to help my team.”

It looks like Allan will come in tomorrow and work out on his own, and then if all goes well, join the full training session on Friday. We hope Newcastle take the cautious route with Allan.

We are unlikely to get a result at Tottenham, even if he plays, so it may be best to save him for the cup match against Leicester on Wednesday or the following game against Watford.

What we are mainly looking for against Tottenham is a much-improved performance. A result would be a bonus at this point.

However, we don’t want Allan risked at all. That would be quite the disaster if he suffered a long term injury.

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