Local Lad Clears Up Comments Made After Norwich Game

Paul Dummett has issued a clarification on his post-Norwich comments about the warm-up not being right.

His comments about the warm-up took off a bit this morning during a BBC podcast between Arlo White, Chris Sutton, and Micah Richards.

This is what Chris Sutton had said this morning when Arlo White mentioned Paul Dummett’s comments:

“What about a little bit of self-responsibility? Why come out publicly and say that?

“I think that’s a disgrace, I really, really do.

“It’s made me angry this Paul Dummett comment – I mean come on.

“Warm yourself up.”

Micah Richards, during the same conversation, said the following:

“I think that’s down to being a professional. You can’t really put everything on the manager.

“When you go out as a footballer, when you cross that white line, you’ve got to have some sort of responsibility on yourself.

“You can’t blame a manager for that.

“The manager has looked at his squad, thought that was the best possible team for that game, and the players have to take some responsibility.”

Paul just made an off the cuff remark that seems to have been taken out of context. His entire interview after the match was about how the players did not do well enough, and it was their responsibility to get it sorted for the next match. He never once blamed the coaching staff.

However, Steve Bruce and the players are under immense scrutiny right now and may, unfortunately, have to be less candid when speaking to the press. It doesn’t look like they are going to be given the benefit of the doubt right now.

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