Former Striker Gives Bleak Assessment Of Newcastle Squad In Scathing Interview

Michael Chopra has been very outspoken about the state of Newcastle United this summer. However, he has generally kept his remarks focused on owner Mike Ashley.

He has just given an interview on TalkSPORT in which he has made some provocative claims. This time it is aimed at Steve Bruce and the Newcastle United players.

This is what Chopra has said he has been told by some of the players at the club:

“I’ve spoken to some senior players at the club, I won’t mention their names, and under Benitez, everything was drilled into them on the training pitch: the team shape, how they were going to play, everyday.

“Bruce has come in, and some of the players don’t know their jobs. They are not really working on their shape.

“At Newcastle for two or three years those players have overachieved under Benitez, but I don’t think some of the players are good enough for the Premier League. So they need coaching.

“They need coaching. They are not good enough.”

We really don’t see how this is helpful in the slightest. He’s basically implied that senior players have come to him in confidence to denounce Steve Bruce’s training methods while praising Rafa’s. This is in stark contrast to what the players have been saying since Bruce joined the club.

His implications are also very unfair to the players at this club. He is giving Rafa Benitez all of the credit while calling the players nothing more than robots who are entirely reliant on a coach’s instruction.

While we agree that Rafa Benitez was tactically brilliant and that he got the most of his players, he also depended on the ability of these players to be successful. We just feel that these comments are unwarranted at this moment in time. The players deserve a little more credit for their talent and hard work.

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