Allardyce At It Again With Benitez Relegation Claim

Newcastle United fans deserve so much better than this. While the football on the pitch this week has been disappointing, the turmoil off it is reaching a fever pitch.

Earlier on TalkSPORT, Michael Chopra spoke of player discontent with Steve Bruce’s training methods. He claimed that some players have told him they have no idea what they are supposed to do. While we don’t know if what Chopra says is correct, we felt he was a little harsh on the ability of our players.

We have also had some more comments from Rafa Benitez about why he left Newcastle. We are holding out hope that Lee Charnley does not respond to these latest comments or the back and forth may never end.

It seems that it is impossible at the moment for Newcastle to move on from Rafa Benitez. With Chopra’s comments comparing training methods as well as Rafa issuing another defense for leaving Newcastle, Rafa Benitez seems a looming presence hovering about the club right now.

TalkSPORT has done an interview with Sam Allardyce this morning, and guess whose name came up. It was inevitable, we suppose.

This is what Sam Allardyce has said about Rafa Benitez and Steve Bruce at Newcastle:

“[Benitez] played a very, very good PR game shifting it all onto Mike Ashley. That’s what the Newcastle fans took up: Rafa got no stick but Mike Ashley took it all.

“And now just two games in Steve Bruce is getting it as much as Mike, and that’s quite sad for somebody who is a Newcastle supporter and has had his dream move to Newcastle United.

“I think the supporters need to give him a bit more time.

“At the end of the day it’s a really difficult job; you have to remember Rafa couldn’t save Newcastle.

“He got them relegated, and every manager that’s been relegated at Newcastle since I left has always bounced back the next season and got into the Premier League.

“Rafa jumped ship for the first job that came available to him.

“He did do a good job keeping them up and getting them out of trouble for a couple of years, and he did a very, very good job getting them back up again, and he is a very, very good manager.

“But Steve Bruce has got really good credentials about looking after teams in the Premier League, getting teams to the Premier League, keeping them in the Premier League, and I think he should be given time to get his own team available.

“But he needs a few results to get himself that time.”

Needless to say, we wholeheartedly disagree with the assertion that Rafa Benitez got Newcastle relegated. That is a disingenuous statement and a clear indication of Sam harboring ill-will towards Benitez.

While we do agree that Steve Bruce needs more games, Allardyce’s comparison between the two managers is not going to be helpful to Steve Bruce. Bruce needs success on the pitch, and that is all that will matter. He has not had any yet, and yes it is only two games in, so he will be given some more time to get it right.

At some point, Rafa Benitez needs to be purged from the system. He is no longer at the club and while we wish he was, he just isn’t.

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